Join your peers as a member of Cynergy-ISAC

Join the strong Cynergy-ISAC community which was built to help Romanian energy sector to secure and protect their infrastructures.

Cynergy-ISAC members join a confidential sharing community of industry leaders and experts all working to increase the security posture of the Energy sector.

Members benefit from real-time collaboration, industry-specific indicators of compromise, threat intelligence reports and analysis, industry-relevant working groups, and numerous training, education, and networking opportunities.

Members Benefits

Threat Intelligence Sharing

Robust offering of alerts, indicators, member insights, threat assessments, and analysis through our intelligence sharing platform.

Exercises & Training

Solidify your resilience through our member-only exercises, training, and playbooks.

Security Awareness

Develop knowledge and attitude within the Cynergy ISAC regarding the protection of the informational and OT/ICS assets of the members.


A national community of energy professionals who share best practices at member-only summits and briefings, local member meetings, and webinars.

Secure communication, collaboration, and messaging

Members Only

This section is dedicated to Cynergy – ISAC authorized members only. If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the form below.

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Cynergy-ISAC tools

Open Source Platform & Standards For Threat Intelligence

MISP is a threat intelligence platform for sharing, storing and correlating Indicators of Compromise of targeted attacks, threat intelligence, vulnerability information or even counter-terrorism information. MISP allows the identification of particular threat artefacts, and the correlation with available threat information.

Cynergy-ISAC members use the platform to store, share, collaborate on cyber security indicators, malware analysis, to use the IoCs and information to detect and prevent attacks, frauds or threats against ICT infrastructures but also to take informed decision.

Counteract cyber threats to Romanian energy infrastructure through collaboration

As the digital transformation of energy supply and distribution systems continue with adoption of next generation technologies as IoT devices, there is a growing need to counter the potential of disruption from cyber threats. The best way of achieving this faster relies on sharing experiences and information among all interested parties in a spirit of mutual cooperation.

On Office365 suite, Cynergy-ISAC Members can:

  • Share reports on cyber threats
  • Share lessons learned from past security incidents
  • Access Cynergy-ISAC knowledge base
  • Communicate and collaborate with other members